1. WikiWisdom

    Once I asked Wiki.answers.com: “Why am I unhappy?” And the answer was: “Maybe because you feel that you are worthless. Or, maybe because you feel that your life has got no meaning, no direction.” Then I asked Wiki.answers.com: “How can I become happy?” And the answer was: “Happiness comes through the mind. If you have a positive attitude, that is, willing to help others and even sacrifice at some point. At that point of time you can feel that something has changed that will make your mind clear and lead to happiness.” Then I asked Wiki.answers.com: “How to cope with bullshit?” And there was no answer.

  2. Leonid Fedorov
  3. Pickles…

    Pickles don’t like to be eaten,

    pickles, defenseless and crippled,

    pickles are innocent, pure, like a kitten

    float in a liquid, bodies are rippled 

    living short lives: maybe day, maybe ten,

    they disappear in the mouth of a Man…